Projekt je delno sofinanciran s sredstvi poziva Snovalec.

Forest Selfness

The Forest Selfness project was developed in The Local Tourist Organisation Laufar Cerkno in association with the Development Agency of Idrija and Cerkno. The creative and inspired team of four are: Borut Pirih, Minca Slakonja, Polona Kavčič and Gašper Uršič. Our professional expertises include cosmetics, wellness, marketing, ethnology and diet, organisation and the basics of relaxation methods.

The creative spirit of the team as well as the above mentioned skills that complement each other and work very well together led us to develop the first selfness programme, set in the embrace of the Cerkno forests and including natural materials and local products.

The project received the Snovalec 2014 award for the most innovative idea in tourism.


Močnikova ul. 2, 5282 Cerkno 

+386 (0)51 378 415