Forest selfness - Classic


Duration: 6h

Programme includes:

  • presentation of different trees and their energies as well as exercises for transmittance of the energy;
  • guided forest therapy alias forest bathing for deep relaxation in idyllic natural environment;
  • relaxing bodily exercises and self-improvement techniques on green pastures;
  • presentation of efficient stress management techniques;
  • guided natural sound therapy while resting in hammock;
  • short presentation of foot reflexotherapy and natural reflexology – walk on spruce needles to release energy blockage and restore energy balance;
  • healthy snacks from a basket full of local, natural and organic products;
  • bodily detoxication with clay body wraps and foot massage, relaxation on ‘beds’ of hay bales;
  • delicious culinary delight;
  • relaxation of tired feet and blood circulation improvement in hay gravel foot baths.

Posts: 1 – 1,5h
Price: 119€/person (4 – 7 participants)

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