Forest Therapy


The basis of Forest Selfness program is Forest Therapy, with increasing global recognition as Forest Bathing.

‘Forest bathing opens the doors of our senses and fully engages us with the healing powers of nature. The methods of forest bathing bring our bodies and minds into a relaxed and quiet state, where we are fully aware of where we are and what we are experiencing in the present moment. A simple motto- “The forest is the healer; the practice opens the doors” –is a reliable guide.’

M. Amos Clifford, author of Your Guide to Forest Bathing, founder and director of the global Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs.

An experienced personal Forest Therapy Guide is there to help you efficiently get all the benefits of the forest.

In the Forest Selfness experience this is the first certified Forest Therapy Guide in Slovenia, Katarina Cuk Owl, who is also an assistant by the ANFT, a translator, author of the book Our Timeless Nature, certified meditation coach and green tourism ambassador.

Are you an avid nature lover who would like to share their passion of the forests with others?

Join us in the beautiful forests of Cerkno region at the Forest Therapy Guides Training by the globally acclaimed Association of Nature and Forest Therapy in June 2018!

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