About us


Our mission

With our programme we aim to offer a holistic approach to health as a balance of body, mind and soul. It takes place in natural environment, in the healing forest air and uses natural materials and local products. By enabling our guests to experience selfness in nature we would like to raise their awareness about and offer tips for a healthier lifestyle.

Our vision

We would like to become the main provider of selfness programmes, based on our innovative approach which unites relaxation, self-healing, self-contentment and green tourism.

Members of interdisciplinary Forest selfness team are:

Minca Slakonja (marketing professional, cosmetic technician) – responsible for public relations and leading parts of the Forest selfness programme which are related to wellness and care.

Katarina Čuk   the first certified Forest Therapy Guide in Slovenia, who is also an assistant by the ANFT, a translator, author of the book Our Timeless Nature, certified meditation coach and green tourism ambassador.

Borut Pirih (economist) – responsible for logistic activities at the Forest selfness trail and cooperation with tourist and business organisations.

Polona Kavčič (ethnologist and cultural anthropologist) – responsible for including local elements and products into the programme and seeking for development opportunities.

Our Partners