Cerkno region - The pearl of nature


Have you ever visited green valleys, vast forests and sunny plateaus with high mountains of stunning views in the background?

The rich, diverse and picturesque nature and several natural and cultural sites will cast a spell on you and you will want to return again. The surroundings are full of natural beauty of the rich landscape. In the Zakojška grapa gully flows a stream called Poreznica with magical waterfalls, emerald pools and rapids along its flow. Above the Zakojca village there is a high hill Kojca with diverse vegetation and wildlife. The Zaganjalka water spring attracts attention as a beautiful and interesting Karst phenomenon with typical changes in water current. The variety of the landscape is seen in Porezen as well, the highest peak of the Cerkno region, and in many other natural attractions.

You can find more about Cerkno region and its natural beauties on LTO Laufar Cerkno.

Many pearls of nature, landscape diversity and 70% of forest covered areas show that the green way of the Cerkno tourism development is the right way.

The Forest Selfness programme is based on using the natural gifts and beauties of the Cerkno area, without intervention into nature. By participating in the programme or purchasing the Forest Selfness products you will also donate for the renovation of forests after the damage made by sleet in winter 2014. With this we would like to raise awareness of the fact that our forests are our wealth, especially in the context of the world climate changes.

You are kindly invited to come and visit our diverse and interesting landscape of remote green valleys, romantic ravines, vast forest and sunny plateaus!

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