Opinions of the participants


Great idea! Very promising! The whole programme could be a bit longer, if the weather allowed. What I liked most was meditation in beech forest, because of the ambience and effect, experts were also very professional and good. Today I finally took time for myself and relaxed in natural invironment after a very long time.

Very good and relaxing programme which exposes you to other things than what others offer you. What I liked most was the food, which looked very special and tasted delicious, besides that it was healthy and suitable for vegetarians. I think that the programme is healthy for body, mind and soul.

“I really liked that the programme was very professionally carried out, forest and natural environment made big impact. What I liked most was guided meditation and relaxing bodily excercises, as I “turn myself off” easier when I’m led by professionals. I’ve learnt some simple stress management techniques, which I’ll use at home. Walk on spruce needles was also unforgettable experience. I think that posts in nature were sorted very good, I didn’t have a feeling I was on a hike, as I got back full of energy.

Excellent combination of yoga, meditation, relaxation, culinary delights and hanging out with nice people in idyllic environment in nature. What I liked most was walking on spruce needles, soud therapy in hammock and massage with red clay.

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