The experience in the embrace of the forests


The rustling of winds high in the treetops, the trickling of the joyful forest stream and the soothing songs of birds … the symphony of nature is taking you to the world of inner peace and relaxation. The endless palette of green shades in harmony with diverse landscape calms your mind and senses. The healing forest air fills your lungs with energy. Nature offers you these gifts and many more selflessly. It’s time to use them. Let’s head for an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Cerkno forests.

We will take a hike through the forest and experience its healing effects, stopping on some idyllic posts. You will get to know different types of trees and by hugging them feel their healing energies. You will listen to the soothing sounds of nature while resting in hammocks under the beautiful treetops. You will carry out meditative exercises and learn efficient techniques for coping with everyday stress. You will walk barefoot on spruce needles and thus by pressing the acupressure points on your feet clear energy blockages in your body. You will get to know a clearing treatment with whey which was once held to be a magical youth elixir and is great for detoxication, as well as taste some typical local food. For further bodily detoxication you will enjoy red clay body wraps. You will rest on hay bales and relax your tired feet in hay gravel foot baths.

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