Forest selfness is a copyrighted work, which was developed in the Local tourist organisation Laufar Cerkno. Innovative selfness programme that takes place in Cerkno forests and includes natural materials and local products, also represents a new green trend in Slovenian tourism. It was awarded with the recognition Snovalec (Creator) for the most innovative idea in tourism for the year 2014.

This specific kind of wellness that takes place in idyllic nature, arises from the individual’s conscious decision about taking care of one’s welfare and health.

On the unique experience, based on an organised hike on easy hiking trail, participants stop at different theme-based areas, where they experience and learn about the healing effects of nature. Moreover, they relax deeply while being led by experts in fields of meditation, personal and spiritual growth, reflexology, as well as they enjoy tasting Cerkno culinary delights.

Escape from everyday worries and spend some endless time in the heart of Cerkno forests. Improve your health and keep your vitality, relax deeply, detoxicate your body and learn useful techniques for coping with stress.

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